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Frequently Asked Questions

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     we recommend different betting stake strategy it depends on plan you prefer

    -if you prefer a BASIC PLAN we recommend to bet 3% of your bankroll

    example : if your bankroll for month is 100.000rwf then, you can comfortably stake 3000rwf on each bet.

    -if you prefer a PREMIUM PLAN we recommend to bet 5% of your bankroll

    example : if your bankroll for month is 100.000rwf then, you can comfortably stake 5000rwf on each bet.

    this strategy will help you to be more profitable our subscribers are satisfied.


An accounting period is the period after which you check your books to see how well you have done, and from there, determine what profit to take out (withdrawn) and probably determine the stake for the next accounting period ; we recommend to you an app called bet-analytix it is free great tools which helps the bettors to track their bets


Stake is the portion of the bankroll that one uses for playing bet on each game. The size of stake should depend on the size of bankroll


  Bankroll is the amount of money which you decide to invest in betting  also known as  a capital of your business

  This money must be separated from all other monies. A good idea is to deposit  all of the amount

  you decided to invest in betting  put it aside or to the trusted bookmaker you wish to use for your bets.

How old do I need to be to qualify?

We don’t limit on the years you have, but the betting sites have such limits. that is why we encourage you to be allowed to bet depending on your country. Most countries allow people of 18 years old or more to bet.

When can I expect to receive the betting predictions?

You chosen package may define how many numbers of predictions you can receive, but we will give you predictions everyday. Stay focused to your daily activities cause we are here for you.

How do I register?

To be able to become a member you need to create a user account and on oyeebet requires you to provide your names, contact address, phone number, a valid e-mail address and a user name. These information are meant to identify your subscription payment(s) and assign you on our Site. You will see a register button on our page when you are not yet registered.