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Who we are

Oyeebet is a professional football prediction website connecting bettors to winning tips. We provide expert picks based on detailed and statistical analysis of top football leagues, tournaments around the world

We are very serious and passionate about what we do because many people rely on us for their profit. We do not rely on guesswork and sheer luck in our football predictions; rather, we have behind us a team of professional tipsters, devoted to make deep daily research and analysis of available games, and give out the most secure tips for each day

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Our Experience

Our tipsters at oyeebet are football experts who have been honed their skills as betting experts over the years and can give accurate betting tips to bettors. Our team of betting experts analysis each game, the teams involved as wells as players, and their contributions, this means we are able to provide the most accurate football tips for you​

We are not scammers or liars, and we don’t play God either. We give out games to our subscribers after a thorough analysis. Most times we get it right, but sometimes we don’t it is football game but our job is to make sure that we minimize that risk and provide you the winning tips ​

We strongly believe that betting with the right tips is a hidden source of making legitimate and decent income without much stress. That’s why we setup this website to encourage people to key into this hidden source of income

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Our targets is to help you make sport betting a profitable business which means when you place a bet  it’s an investment that’s why we pay attention on details  to help you to achieve that goal; and it’s possible because oyeebet have already many bettors who trust our predictions and make money with it.


A good bet is when you minimize the risk and maximize the profits over a period of time and you still have a great odds.

oyeebet provides to you always greater than 1.60 odds every day.


You may have heard that someone used just a stake of 10,000rwf to rake in around 200,000rwf from a bet?

Inasmuch as this may be true out of sheer luck, the chances of this happening are very very very slim.

our profit system at oyeebet is not one built on the backbone of luck.

at oyeebet our system it’s long term system that is why we advice all of our subscribers to place a single bet


Our betting system at oyeebet is not a get rich quick system that promising you to get riches overnight, rather, it is a system that requires planning, patience, discipline and time to earn from it we assure you to be profitable in long time remember what we say above you have to take it as business / investment for long period of time.